Second save of a new project warns about older version?

I started a new project last night using 20R2.1. I saved it to a new folder as a binary project (I hadn’t logged in for my license on the system). I left Xojo running and continued working this morning. I then attempted to save with CMD-S and received the following popup dialog:

Again - the original save(s) and this save were in the same running instance of 20r2.1 …

Do you have default project templates by chance? If you created these with an older version, when you save after creating a new project with the newer version you can get this warning.

Nope - 20r2.1 is the only version on this new MBP (Intel).

Could it be because I’d not logged into the license server last night, but had this morning?

I get this warning when I update an old project and add a ColorGroup.

I have seen this, it’s unnerving.