Search PDF and extract text

After searching the forum and the web for the proper controls / procedure I am unable to get started on my task. I have a PDF file on a third party web site. I want to search the PDF file and extract text data from the file for use in my application. The PDF file contains event scheduling data that periodically changes. My Xojo project currently will execute on Windows 10. Could someone point out a technique that would accomplish this task. Thank you.

If this is for or own use (See the license) look at:

That package contains a command line utility (pdftotext32.exe or pdftotext64.exe) that you can shell out to, to extract text from a PDF

I use it is several apps.

  • Karen

In MBS Plugins we have a couple of classes to help here.
Mac only you can use PDFDocumentMBS class.

Or for Mac, Windows and Linux you can use DynaPDF classes.
see website: