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Mac Sonoma: Xojo 2023 v2
I have noticed something that is a problem for me. I believe this did not happen before because I do not remember this annoyance, but now it happens a lot. I am blaming this on Sonoma because that is a recent change for me, but I do not know this for sure. Perhaps it is a change in Xojo or some change in my environment that I am unaware of.

Anyway, the problem is this. I am in the IDE. Let us say that I am trying to search for archsimple which is some variable in my code. I type arch and pause for a second because I am a slow typist. Xojo returns all the matches for arch and then “selects” (highlights) the four characters: arch in the search box . When I type the next letter, “s” then the characters I have already typed (arch) are replaced by the “s” so my search is destroyed.

I am expecting that the “s” is just going to be appended to the “arch” to result in “archs”. But the annoying fact that Xojo “selects” the arch letters if I pause just a little bit after typing the “h”, means that those characters are replaced.

Have others noticed this? Is this Sonoma? Is this a change in Xojo? Has my Mac gotten too fast?

Whatever the case, I do not see any advantage in having Xojo spontaneously “select” what I have just finished typing in the search box of the IDE. For me it causes frustration.

I think that it is some systemic “disease” rather than anything specific to Xojo. The windows in my Mac “flicker” every roughly 8 seconds. I have no idea why this is happening. It is when that “flicker” hits that Xojo responds by “selecting” anything that has been typed into the Xojo IDE search box.

It seems to be something occurring at a higher level than Xojo. I can see this “flicker” in open windows apart from Xojo.

I notice that when I have a menu open anywhere and the 8 second flicker occurs, then the dropped down menu is destroyed and has to be reselected. Obviously, this is not really a Xojo problem.

I uploaded a 1MB mp4 file that is accessible if anyone is curious to see the phenomena.!AomRm_Ft4xvQhuNPiG8zYfsIpELQPA?e=hP7ynp

I see similar (without the pause) using Xojo 2021r2.1 Language Reference:

some words, when found are deleted while I write the remaining of the Command I am searching.

Very annoying.

This isn’t a Sonoma issue but a “feature” of the search field where it automatically selects its entire contents when it gets the focus.

I solved it by turning off the auto search feature in Xojo.

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Yes, it’s better turned off. That way the search doesn’t start until you press Return or click in one of the selector buttons (project vs. this method, etc) in the middle of the search bar.

Thank you Greg.

I checked, then when you type Text for TextInputStream, this behavior appears and Text disappears when I type the I (for Input).

I will uncheck that feature right now.

From what I understand the feature has been there for some time.

I don’t see the ‘selects its entire contents’ after a brief pause while searching. Could it be that with Sonoma the search field lost the focus for a brief second while doing the search and when the focus return ‘arch’ is selected?

I can’t replicate OPs problem with macOS <> Sonoma (I don’t have Sonoma yet to test)

This ameliorates the problem and so the situation is better. My weird overall problem is that the letters “arch” get highlighted every roughly 8 seconds without any clicking into the search box and then if there is additional typing the “arch” goes away.

I restarted the machine from a complete ShutDown this morning, and this has solved the overall flickering issue for the moment. I hope it does not return.

I just installed Sonoma and I can’t reproduce this.

The only way I can make the search field highlight something is to focus on another thing/app and get the focus back to the search field.

I’ve seen apps in Sonoma loose focus. The app is still in front but the traffic light buttons have lose their color. It seems better now with 14.1.

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