Search for value in array in Postgres prepared statement

I am trying to search for a matching values in an integer array using a postgres prepared statement, similar to this

//CREATE TABLE accounts (id INTEGER)


dim aNumber(3) as Integer
aNumber(0) = 12
aNumber(1) = 17
aNumber(2) = 25
aNumber(3) = 50

dim sql as String
sql = "Select * from accounts WHERE id IN ($1)"

dim ps as PostgresPreparedStatement = db.Prepare(sql)
ps.Bind(0,aNumber())   //<---Not sure how to get this array as a parameter
dim rs as Recordset = ps.SQLSelect

I tried putting the array into a String separated by commas, but Postgres said invalid input for type integer.

Thanks for any help here.

You may need a parameter for each value in the array.
And then bind values.

if the numbers in the array are known-to-you numbers (and not user entered datas)
then you do not need to use prepared statements, simple sql query is ok.

That worked. Thanks.