search control?

I don’t seem to have a search control… you know a magnifying glass with a text entry.
I thought that this was a generic object.
Have to build my own?

iOSKit has this: UIKit.UISearchBar

How do you recommend using it? Do I create a container control for it?

Download iOSKit and look at the MissingControls example view. It shows how to use it

That was pretty easy… however I’m now getting this error everywhere NSError is used…

AVAudioPlayer.Constructor, line 5
There is no class with this name
outError = new Foundation.NSError(err)

Sound like me missing a simple fact again.

You copied the entire modules folder from iOSKit into your project?

I dragged and dropped the folder called modules into my project.
Is that not correct, must I use a magic key combo to ‘copy’ the folder?

Open iOSKit, select the folder and then right click copy. Paste it into your project. If you drag it doesn’t always work