Seamless Looping with MoviePlayer?

Hey guys,
About 10 years ago I had created an app with RealBasic/Xojo that, among other things, contained a MoviePlayer set to loop a move indefinitely. This was back in the QuickTime days, and at that time, the movies looped seamlessly — you could not visually detect when the movie ended, went back to the beginning, and started again. In fact I can launch this app right now on both Windows 10 and also my non-Catalina Mac and can confirm the videos loop perfectly seamlessly, just as always.

After not touching this project for many years, I’ve finally come back around to a situation where I need to update it to the latest standards and Catalina-compatibility.

I am super bummed out to find that the AVFoundation version of MoviePlayer will NOT seamlessly loop, even with very low-compression distribution codecs such as MJPEG. I have uploaded a sample project with a sample movie here:

The looping also isn’t seamless on Windows, which I’d also like to solve, but for now I want to prioritize getting this working on a Mac.

I have done some preliminary research and it seems that Apple has a solution for exactly this problem. It is called AVPlayerLooper and the documentation for which can be found here:

Apple has also posted a video about this here: — the pertinent part about AVPlayerLooper starts at the 12:59 mark.

So I guess at this point I can either abandon hope for having this working for the time being, or, maybe if I’m lucky there’s some way to achieve this using declares? I am not much of an expert user with declares, so any insight in that direction would be greatly appreciated.

Or, if the folks over at MBS have a solution for this, that would be great as well. I searched those docs and don’t see any reference to this? Christian any ideas or insight? @Christian_Schmitz

I would prefer to use native players on both Mac and Windows rather than using VLC or ffplayer, due to distribution issues. I tried both of them out and they dont’ seem to be much of an improvement anyways.

Thanks in advance!