Sdkcontrols inside a page or tabpanel are not available with webpage.controls iterator

see <> and attached project
the visualcontrol (sdk) inside the tabpanel is not listed.

Yeah it wouldn’t be. Non WebSDK controls that are on the tab panel don’t show up in that iterator either.

What’s missing here is that the tab panel (and other controls that can contain other controls) don’t have a control iterator or a ControlCount method so you’d have to use a loop wrapped in a try-catch to access those controls right now using their ControlAt method.

yes with something like this it’s now working.

For Each c As WebControl In Me.Page.Controls
  TextAreaListControls.Text = TextAreaListControls.Text + c.Name+EndOfLine
  If c IsA WebPagePanel Then
    Dim wp As WebPagePanel = WebPagePanel(c)
    If wp<>Nil Then
      For i As Integer=0 To wp.LastControlIndex
        Dim cc As WebControl = wp.ControlAt( i)
        If cc<>Nil Then
          TextAreaListControls.Text = TextAreaListControls.Text + cc.Name+EndOfLine
        End If
      Next i
    End If
  End If
Next c