scrollwheel too fast in the "find" frame (os x)

I have since long had a problem with the fast mouse wheel scrolling in the IDE find frame. For every klick it scrolls 4-6 lines, and it gets very hard to track the big jumps. Some times it even scrolls more lines than visible in the frame…
If I use the mouse wheel to scroll the other frames of the IDE the scrolling is in much smaller steps, so lowering the stepsize (speed of the mouse driver) is not an option. The scrolling in a basic Xojo textarea is also way too quick, while Apple software like the texteditor or Safari scrolls normal.

I have CAD software that has the same problem with scroll speed. It is like there are two modes of scroll speed. One crazy fast one and one slow. What makes Xojo special is that both these modes (in my imagination) is used within the same software.

The mouse is a Logitech M705 and I guess the Logitech driver could have something to do with it… (OS X 10.8.5)

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a cure to the problem?

I use the knob in the scrollbar, but it is not ideal either. Maybe you want to make a feature request in Feedback for a slower scroll in the find box ?

Yes, but with not so many line visible and many hits, there is not so much room. One pixel scrollbar knob movement may mean more lines than visible… Also the big steps makes easy to loose track on what is the next line to read, when it flickers past.

Arrow keys would have been an great improvement.

Textarea scrolling is not so nice either. I don’t understand what is causing this, because most other softwares scrolls nicely.
If I connect an old Logitech usb wired mouse then scrolling is one line per scroll-wheel-step in the “find” frame and textarea. All over the scolling is more or less just about right.
With the Logitech M705 (which is probably much higher resolution) the mouse wheel scroll speed varies between softwares and in Xojo it varies depending on what is scrolled, so the settings is of no help.

I have the same problem with this mouse with a 3D-CAD. Zooming in and out is ususable unless I change the mouse settings. With the settings changed, it is useless in most other programs. Xojo Textarea and Find is nice with this setting, but not the library and inspector…

[quote=164531:@Roger Jönsson]Arrow keys would have been an great improvement.


After checking I realised arrow keys could not be used since the focus remains on the code, and actually when you change the selection in the find box, it puts the cursor on the searched item.

Maybe something like shift-arrow would allow going up and down the found list ?

As for the mouse wheel sensitivity, it seems extremely variable depending on the make.

If the list box had smooth scrolling instead of the jumpy row scrolling, it would probably help out a lot… I find the scrolling with the track pad is a nice speed, but those huge jumps make it difficult to keep track some times… (I usually just deal with the first few issues and then CMD K again until all the issues are resolved)…

[quote=164534:@Michel Bujardet]
As for the mouse wheel sensitivity, it seems extremely variable depending on the make.[/quote]
Yes, but it’s weird that it behaves differently in different parts of the same software. I guess the driver and/or OS is to blame for not scaling the mouse wheel properly. Maybe the mouse wheel can be read in different ways from the OS and that this results in different speed depending on how it is read and that Xojo reads it in different ways for different parts of the program.

Each control can take the deltaY in MouseWheel value and multiply it or divide it to scroll faster or slower. In one of my apps in the MAS I do that for a scrolling canvas. I tried to manage the scroll myself in the MouseWheel event for it, but it is not smooth at all. It would be nice to be able to modulate the scrolling response of the TextArea with some property that would modulate the speed.

Maybe HasPreciseScrollingDeltas isn’t being accounted for by something someplaces

Or just something particular to Logitech M705?