ScrollToRow position example doesn't work

If I take the TableSelectRow example in Example Projects → iOS → Table, and add the example code from the documentation for ScrollToRow (shown below), I get an “There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.” error.

The only change I made to the example code was changing the section number from 2 to 1

myTable.ScrollToRow(1, 10, True, iOSTable.ScrollPositions.Middle)

Documentation: ScrollToRow documentation

I guess the documentation needs to be updated as iOSTable was replaced with iOSMobileTable quite a while ago.

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Thank you! I can now pound my head against the wall on something else now.

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Thank you for reporting this error.
I forwarded the information to the documentation master.

Is that the docs at xojo dot com email address?

I sent an email listing the problem (and solution) as well.

Yes, that’s the email