Scrolling TextArea on Linux

I have a serial terminal app that I created for Windows. I am now porting it to Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I have most everything working now, except scrolling a TextArea. The TextArea is the main display window. The code I found here on the Forum that works well for Windows doesn’t work for Linux.

Dim strNL As String = Chr(133) //Use any ascii char here
OutputArea.Text = ReplaceAll(OutputArea.Text, strNL, “”)
OutputArea.SelStart = OutputArea.Text.Len
OutputArea.ScrollPosition = OutputArea.LineNumAtCharPos(InStr(OutputArea.Text, strNL))

I upgraded to the latest version of Xojo, 2021r2.1 but no joy there. I saw some old posts on the forum but nothing that addressed the issue on Linux. Someone out there has to be scrolling a TextArea in Linux. How about a support for scrolling in the TextArea it self?

Woodstock, GA

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