scrolling custom containers iOS & Android not working

With Xojo 2014R3 using a custom container creates new issues with events not firing correctly;
in a custom container that has a list of images, the list cannot be scrolled;
any move attempt will only fire a mousedown.
In 2014R2 it worked fine, and it obviously also works on desktop broswers, as they do not get a mousdown on a scroll.
Anyone attending the XDC in Austin in April that adds my case 37213 to their top cases in feedback gets a free beer.

I’ve got a similar problem on the iPad and I’ve raised this as case “37435 - WebContainer not scrolling with mouse events on iPad”

@Jim Brock

I have added your case to my top cases, would be great if you could do the same and add an entry that both cases are identical.
Mine is titled;

37213 - KLTableViewController Custom Control not scrolling on iOS and Android