Scrollbars in WebTextArea

No matter what I do I cant get rid of the vertical scrollbars in Internet Explorer. Is there a way?

What have you done? What version of IE? This may take some Javascript, some diving into the DOM, and some research on MSDN.

Looks like IE 10 (maybe 11) on Windows 8

IE 7 on XP and IE 8 on Win 7 both exhibit this behavior. Is there another control I should use to display multi-line text (read-only)?

Hate to say this, but… Forget about IE 7 and IE 8. Or just deal with it. They are terrible browsers :-). Working around their quirks is a lot of work that at this point, won’t have much return. Their half-life in deployments right now is getting shorter. Get your Win7 users up to IE10.

Thanks Brad. We do what we can. :wink:

Yes. A WebLabel with Multiline=True.

@Bart Harrison
What is the scrollbar property on the ContainerControl set to?

I am having this same problem (in IE only). When I use the WebLabel, all the formatting is messed up (spaces are deleted at beginning of sentence plus no margins).

Is there a way to turn off scrollbar in ExecuteJavascript?

Followup: If there is no way to turn off scrollbar in WebTextArea, I will just use WebHTMLViewer which doesn’t have this problem. It is just easier to use WebTextArea. I wish the WebHTMLViewer had an html editor built-in.

I believe you have to do something like this but it doesn’t work (translation: I don’t know what I am doing):

me.ExecuteJavascript(“textarea {overflow:hidden;overflow-y: hidden;overflow-x: hidden;}”)

I don’t understand the comment earlier “What is the scrollbar property on the ContainerControl set to?” Does this mean the textarea has to be embedded in a ContainerControl?