Scrollable WebMenuItems?

Hey all,

In my web app, I have a situation where I create a WebMenuItem for controls on my page. This WebMenuItem can be of varying length from installation to installation. Some customers may have 6 to 10 entries in the menu, others may have 40 or 50 or more. Before you say, “Huh?”, trust me - it needs to be this way - yes - there can be that many items in the menu.

Anyhow, I’m seeing that with a large number of items in the contextual menu as it shows up, the menu does not scroll. If either the top or bottom (or both) of the menu extend beyond the edge of the browser window, those items are just basically “lost.” The user can’t get to them or access them and it causes a problem.

So I’m at a bit of a loss in knowing how to fix this. I would have thought that the scrolling process would happen naturally in the browser - but it doesn’t.

So what to do? Anyone have any ideas, guidance??



I built my own WebMenuItem type class using container controls. They even allow you to include icons and set the style which the current one doesn’t allow. I’d suggest doing something similar.

Would you be willing to share your class or is it not easily adaptable? I was thinking about this but it seems like it might be quite a bit of work and while maybe a good long term fix, I need something I can get deployed pretty quickly…