scrollable area

Is there a way to keep track of how many points a scrollable area has scrolled horizontally and vertically.
I have a Numbers-like app and want to do the scrolling with the bounce-effect.

the “bounce effect” is built in to the scrollable area… so perhaps restate your question?

If you look at the Numbers-app you can scroll to the left and column 0 stays visible, if you scroll up column 0 scrolls accordently and leaves row 0 in sight. I can’t do that with just a scrollable area.

one approach is to have 3 scrollable areas… one along the top, one along the side, and the 3rd is the body of the control

I did exactly this but for a text editor… a Ruler, Linenumbers and the text… same idea.

Yes, this is exactly what I want to do, but the 3 area’s must know from each other what they are doing, you have to synchronise them in some way.

It is possible by creating a custom control based on iOSScrollableArea and implementing the UIScrollViewDelegate methods.

And reading the value of content offset

Thank you Dave en Jeremie for thinking with me.
Jeremie, your solution is a step too far for me.

Herman… Jeremie did in fact describe the implementation method of the simple explanation I provided

OK, thank you Dave