scroll WebHTML viewer

How do I programatically scroll a web page shown in an Web HTML viewer? I need to scroll vertically and horizontally.

Make the web page minwidth and minheight larger than the size of the WebHTMLViewer, and it will scroll.

perhaps I should have asked the question differently; How do I centre the content of a WebHTMLviewer. In other words, how do I move the content to an exact position within the ‘viewport’

Looks daunting… Maybe time to refactor…

You can only do this if the page displayed in the WebHTMLViewer is from the same origin as your web app. Otherwise the client browser will not allow it and will throw a security exception.

There are methods to do this in Web Custom Controls but they’re not really dependent on the larger product, just some convenience functions in one of the modules. I’ll post sample code when I get back later today.