Scroll many fields

is my first post and i have only 2 days that i use the xojo.My question.
Is possible if you have 10 or more fields or labels to scroll them in the screen ?
If yes how ?
Thank you

Not built in yet. There is a feature request for scrollable views though. Antonio posted a project in the declares thread that should allow you to do this though:

After the suggestion from Jason i try to use the UIScrollView from Antonio.The problem i have.
Inside the view is 8 labels and the scroll i want is Horizontally but still i can make it to work.I get the bounce effect vert or horiz. but no the scrolling. i have attach the test file.
UIScrollView test file

Sadly the constrains are added to the iosView.
So the UIScrollView has no clue to identify the label’s position

The only way is to add the constrains (declare) between the uiScollview content and the label.

thank you jean.i will give a try,i have see the pack and i am interest on this.