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I recently had an app rejected by the Windows store. Their claim was that I stated, somewhere, “Screenshots from a Mac”. I have been unable to find that statement in my app, or in the metadata for my lone screenshot. However, the screenshot was taken from a Mac. How did they know that? I can insert a Windows screenshot and display that when on a PC platform without much trouble. Anyone else run into this problem. If a mac screenshot is embedded in the code, but not displayed, will they still know that and reject the app?

Different dpi settings, I guess.

I was thinking that too.

Just to be clear, was it was a screenshot of the Mac version of your app, or was it a screen shot taken on a Mac of the Windows version of your app running on Windows in something like Parallels or other virtualization software?

I can see them having a legitimate issue with the former, but not the latter.

In any case If it is the latter and DPI is the issue, you can fix that pretty easily, but it should be appealed IMO. MS should not care on what hardware their OS is running on.

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After further review… The screenshots I put into the store were taken from a Mac — and I think MS was complaining about that (which they should) and there is nothing wrong with the app. So I’ve swapped out the screenshots to ones that were taken on a PC and resubmitted the app. Should hear back soon.

Could you clarify what you mean by “taken from a Mac” ?

Do you mean they were screenshots of your Mac app or were they screenshots of Windows running in a VM on your Mac? Were there Mac elements visible? I’m with Karen, there shouldn’t be an issue with screenshots of the Windows app running in a VM on Mac if there are no Mac elements visible.

I do want to be clear on what their policy is though, so if you could kindly clarify that would be very appreciated.
Thank you!

72 dpi: Mac
96 dpi: Windows

and I suppose that HiDPI vs Retina have their own values too.

That said, it is (IMHO) a stupid idea to do that. Integrist position ? Yeah !

There can be other differences; I just saw one: a TIFF image embeded in the “official” png file (watch it inside Preveiw or change the file extension to .txt and press the space bar to read the adobe TIFF segment).

Either load the image in Windows and save it from there or make the screen shot on Windows (at first).

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