ScreenShot with BootCamp

I have been searchng for hours trying to find how to take a screen-shot on a Mac running Windows 10 under bootcamp

  • some sites say use Shift-Cmd-3 (or 4) just like macOS, but those bring up Windows dialogs instead
  • some say to use Shift-FN-F11 (shows same volume widget as macOS)
  • others say use Shift-FN-Option-F11 (does nothing)

Anyone know the right keys? and where it puts the shot once taken?

Try alt or ctrl with F15

Correction: cmd+F15

Thanks… will try that as soon as Windows gets done with its multiude of “updates” (I boot this machine up like twice a year)

you’ve better use something like virtualbox to emulate some windows machine
instead of the old-not-often-updated bootcamp
bootcamp was ok in 2006-2009, before parallels and vmware made their place.
today, it’s only when you have graphic intensive software like solidworks or autocad that you need bootcamp
(and then you’ve better have a real pc than a mac with bootcamp)

This is on my mothers computer (she is 82)… I am not about to change the very infrastructure and have to deal with teaching her all over again how to switch back and forth. She only has Windows, because there are a few programs I just cannot wean her off of, and at her age it isn’t worth the stress (for either her or me)

FYI… stupid update is still only 33% complete (after 45 min)… I can do a full install of macOS is that amount of time

Click the Windows icon (or click in the search box)->Type snip->Click the blue mode button->Full-screen snip. It hides itself and takes a screenshot.

Thats A LOT of steps… (and very slow, part may be due to the update STILL running (2hrs now))…
and WHERE did it put it?

anyone have an Xojo app that does just this? takes the full screen and stores in a file on the desktop?
I can get my mom to push a few keys… but to go thru the steps for “Snip” is beyond what she can do these days.

If the machine has a Windows keyboard, just press PRTSC button (near the numerics)
That copies the whole screen to clipboard.

ALT_PRTSC copies the current dialog

[quote=409748:@Jeff Tullin]If the machine has a Windows keyboard, just press PRTSC button (near the numerics)
That copies the whole screen to clipboard.

ALT_PRTSC copies the current dialog[/quote]

It doesn’t… an option, if the F-15 doesn’t work is to open the Windows Virtual Keyboard and use that… but again… more steps

[quote=409732:@Thomas Tempelmann]Try alt or ctrl with F15

Correction: cmd+F15[/quote]

the screen “flashed”… but where is the picture it took???

Similar to what @Jeff Tullin says, if you’re using a built-in MacBook keyboard or an external Apple keyboard – i.e., one without the physical “PrtScn” button like a traditional Windows keyboard would have – then you can press this 3-key combination on your keyboard:

Command (Windows key under Bootcamp) + Control + o

This will show the Windows on-screen virtual keyboard. From there, you can use your mouse to click its “PrtScn” key. At that point, as Jeff noted, Windows will have taken a screenshot of your screen and will have copied it to your clipboard. Then you can open the Paint program and paste in there to save your screenshot as a PNG or JPG image file, for example.

Screen flashing suggests that OSX did something, not Windows
When it does, usually you find a PNG on the Mac desktop named for the date and time

Is Windows running in a window, or in full control?

You could put a shortcut on the desktop or pin it to the task bar (right click instead of clicking it to open). Then its just:

Click app
Click blue button, select full-screen
Click save icon

It will then prompt to save it in Pictures as default.

Or you could download and install

1 minute of setting up and it’ll save wherever you want on any keypress with no nags and it runs on boot up.

well CMD-F15 worked… once… attempts to do it again, failed to do anything

a copy/paste is not an option. My mother is 82… so… multiple keys is the limit… having her try to find/open “paint”, paste the screen grab, save the file… is too much to ask.

And I’m by no means a “windows” person… I left that world before Vista came out… so making shortcuts, pinning things to the taskbar… no idea… this is one reason I went to mac… everything I am asking about… can be done with 3keys… and done

Oh you went there. Yeah saying that stuff is what gets me down about mac users.

In windows, you can do this in LESS key strokes than the mac (sarcasm mode) woooo windows is better than a mac as we use less keystokes than even the mighty mac when taking a screenshot =\

Windows+Print Screen

It saves the file into Pictures\Screenshots

But YOU have chosen to use a mac keyboard, so YOU have to figure out how the MAC keyboard maps the Windows buttons. This isn’t a mac is great windows is pants conversation, this is you picking mac hardware and wanting to use windows on it (I fully understand why, my mum is technophobe too).

Let me get my mac laptop out of my bag and work out the equivalent key stroke.

What keyboard are you using as there are a few different types, I think I have them all on the shelf here.

My Mother is using a 2011 iMac with the US Apple Keyboard…

And yes I HAVE made that choice, a choice that I have every right to make, just as YOU have every right to choose something else.

To be honest… one (just one) of my biggest peeves with windows, is this. When you boot it up, if Microsoft thinks you need updates, you get them (if I have a choice I have no idea how to invoke it)… Therefore I have been waiting well over TWO HOURS now, when I probably could have tried every key combo known to man already. [oh yeah… 2 hrs, and it says 11% complete)


Look in Pictures\Screenshots

well … with the “FN” key… which I guess when Thomas mentioned that same sequence, I must have been pressing the Option key,

So is it working?