Screen size not detected in 2017R2

Hello Guys,

i`m trying to do a page where if the screen is smaller than x then to show a page , similar to Eddies Electronics NotSupported page .

After testing on Safari and as well on Chrome it seems that the size is not detected, normally it suppose to show that page but it does not show, as well on iphones.

Anybody has same problem ?

How about showing us the code you are using.

Hi Greg,

Try examples Eddies electronics for web, i did not even write any code, wanted to do something and i remembered that i saw that in the example, i test it and it does not work anymore.

Thanks .

Any update on this ?

It seems that still not fixed until now, ii remember i test it in the previous versions and it was working ok but i don`t remember in which version as because i delete the previous ones cannot test .


I guess nothing will happen as long as no detailed feedback is being filed.

Well what better feedback you need than the sample web app Eddies Electronics from the XOJO Samples you want ? that has the code in it and it suppose to work but it doesn`t , so there is the feedback, as i tried to run that sample and i remember was working before. And i mentioned as well in the previous posts .

The best feedback is a Bug Report in our Feedback application. Things reported here on the forum tend to be forgotten.

Hi Greg,

Done FeedbackCase #49471