Would anyone advise how to make a calendar scheduler in xojo web? I need to send an email
thank you

It is not clear what you are asking. If you want to display a calendar, you can draw it using a WebCanvas, I suppose. If you need to have the user pick a date, then perhaps the WebDatePicker control?

If you want to send emails, you can use the SMTPSecureSocket class.

Perhaps you could provide more specifics about what you are trying to do?


For A Calendar component, I offer GraffitiWebCalendar. If you’re building this in Web 1.0, this is already available. If you’re using Web 2.0, I’m currently working toward release.

I need a timer to run in the Web application and check the db of the calendar once a day and send scheduled events. There is CRON on the web server but I want to solve it in Xojo, of course I use Graffity solutions

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Ah, I see. In that scenario I would write a console app to check the DB, compare the current date to the date of the operation in the database row, then perform whatever actions are necessary. I would create a CRON job to call this app at an interval appropriate to its usage.

I’ve done this in the past for customers, and it’s probably the best way to go.

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