SceneKit Primitives

Trying to make a simple triangle in SceneKit.

Anyone able to tell me where I’ve gone wrong?
I’m able to add spheres, cubes, images, planes and the likes, but a simple triangle has defeated me. And I want a triangle, not a pyramid.

Here is what I’ve tried. I found a SceneKit tutorial online and replicated it exactly.

[code]Var e As SCNGeometryElementMBS
Var v1, v2, v3 As SCNVector3MBS

v1 = New SCNVector3MBS( 0,0,0)
v2 = New SCNVector3MBS( 0,0,100)
v2 = New SCNVector3MBS( 0,100,100)

Var s As SCNGeometrySourceMBS = SCNGeometrySourceMBS.geometrySourceWithVertices(Array(v1, v2, v3))

e = SCNGeometryElementMBS.geometryElementWithData(, SCNGeometryElementMBS.PrimitiveTypeTriangles, 1, 8)

Var g As SCNGeometryMBS = SCNGeometryMBS.geometryWithSources( Array(s), Array(e))
Var node As SCNNodeMBS

node = New SCNNodeMBS(g)

@Stefanie Juchmes will try to figure this out.

Meanwhile we have a new blog entry: Basic Forms in MBS Xojo SceneKit Plugin

Thank you, Christian.