SceneKit MBS Freeze on iOS

I’m having a problem where a complex scene is locking up my app on SceneKit.
When I say it’s complex, I don’t think it’s anywhere near as complex as many games, but there are thousands of cubes and triangles being shown.

In the simulator it works fine, but on a real device it’s a problem.
I’m not getting a low memory warning or an exception, just seems to go into a locked state.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?

Does it work if you disable half the items?

you may hit some limit on the smaller iPhone hardware (compared to graphics processor in your Mac)

I will try that, but wouldn’t you think I’d get a low memory warning or something?
I tried turning off render continuously. Are there any other settings that can reduce the performance, but also impact on the system?

On further testing, I can render any of the items I want, but if I create a new screen and try again after a couple times.
I thought it was just the more complex renderings, but if I open any of those first they work.
It seems like a memory leak to me.
Is there anything I can do to ensure that I’ve fully destroyed the memory used by SceneKit when I Nil it?

For everyone, I found a leak in my plugin, so we’ll fix that first and then check if there are more leaks.

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Thank you for taking the time to review it.