Scanning Solutions

Im not clear if the OP got scanning working, but if it helps anyone, here is the simple code I use with the ezTwain dll that is free to ship with your Windows apps:

It scans an image into the clipboard.
From there, do what you want with it.

[code] #if TargetWin32
soft declare Function TWAIN_AcquireToClipboard lib “eztw32.dll” ( hwndApp As integer, wPixTypes As integer) As integer

dim result as integer
  result = TWAIN_AcquireToClipboard(0,0) 
 ' to make the scan dialog modal to a window, use (self.handle ... as first param
end try

if result = 1 then
  dim c as new Clipboard
  if c.PictureAvailable then

    //use the picture in the clpboard here

  end if

  Msgbox "No TWAIN compliant devices detected. Please scan using your normal software, and import from clipboard instead"
end if


I didn’t as it turned out, for my solution I resorted to a shell call to quick scan executable that converts straight to .pdf. Cheap, cheerful and simple solution.