Scan barcode - now what?

Let’s say you scan the barcode of a book or DVD - where do you now get the information for that barcode?

Is there a centralised place?

If it is an ISBN I think there are a number of registries around the world, by country. Else just Google the number and see what turns up.

Here is a nice web service I have used in the past:

Check this one

Google barcode api


That seems to be for books only though.

[quote=263245:@Loannis Kolliageorgas]Check this one

Google barcode api

That seems to give the information for the company, not the product?

No, the barcode on the back of a book or DVD.

You can also use the number as a query string against though you will have a bit of parsing to do to make it work.

Amazon gets mad at you for doing that btw.
It was the downfall of Delicious Library.

I would never distribute an app bouncing against a site without consent. When I did it, it was for my own education.

tl;dr: There are many free and paid API’s but not 1 single big one that has it all.