Scaling a PDF template


I’m looking at how to handle a PDF template which has different dimensions to the final PDF. It is a Xojo 2024r1.1 generated PDF template in json format, but it is A3 page size.
How can I scale it down to A4 to add additional information and print it at A4 page size?

Do you use DynaPDF Pro?
There you can import a page as template and then place it on another page with different size.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for assisting!
We don’t use it, yet. I can see if the client will agree.
Is it the same PDF template format that Xojo creates?

Template in DynaPDF is an imported page in memory, which can be placed somewhere.

A different format than what Xojo uses to serialize page content.

So it is a PDF file stored in the web app and then added to the new PDFDocument?
That could work. I’ll look into that as an option.
Thanks Christian!