Scaling a Movie

The Movie class has Height and Width as Read-Only Integer.

What if I wanted to put a very big Video into a small window? How could I scale the Movie in the small window. Until now I only can see a small portion of the image.

I’m trying to solve the problem within Monterey and running Xojo Version 2022 Release 1.1

The Movie itself has a given size, aka width and height.

The MoviePlayer on the other hand …

“VLCMediaPlayerMBS.Scale as Double” can do that.

Works here.

Voila_Capture 2022-06-12_09-32-19_AM

Have you disabled “Auto Adjust to Movie Size”?


The problem is not upscaling of the MoviePlayer within the window. My aim is to downscale the video to fit the size of the player. I often get VERY BIG videos (p.e. 4k) and they wouldn’t fit the screen of my MacBook.
Works the function both ways?

You need to disable “Auto Adjust to Movie Size” and then, yes, on macOS the player will scale the contents to fit:


(In this gif, I have the MoviePlayer locked to all sides of the window)

It would have been SO easy to try and faster than writing your post …