Say hello to the Omega2

Omega2 Kickstarter

Worlds smallest linux server for $5

Will a Xojo console app compiled for ARM work on an Omega? I want to write a simple web app that will interface with the gpio ports? Would love it if it does.

It looks like a MIPS based chip so - no

Microprocessor (MPU)	
Chipset             MT7688AN
Core                MIPS24KEc
Clock Speed         580MHz
Voltage             3.3V

Smells a bit like Chip, that is now gone and you cannot easily load OS into it since they’re gone.

To me those low cost Kickstarter machines are not really filling any need since you can get much more capable Orange PI for usually similar price. And have it actually working and not disappearing soon after the Kickstarter is over.


That campaing is more than 2 years old. And they still exists, and currently sell the Omega 2+ at $13

There is another campaign funded this year for the new Omega2 Pro.