Saving WebCanvas As png

I can do it with a desktop app. New with web and I would like to save a webcanvas as a png. Possible?

Technically yes.
I do something like this in my WebSignature Kit.

Yes that does look good, however I own full license for MBS plug ins, not sure I want to spend more for 1 item.

As said, you can do the same.
Run Javascript to ask HTML5 canvas for png and put it somewhere.

Or fill a feature request for Xojo to add that.

Thanks, I think I am almost there

Got it…
Create Logofile As Webfile in App properties
Draw my Grid into a IWebImageView (IVgrid) then

App.LogoFile = IVgrid.Picture
App.LogoFile.ForceDownload = True
App.LogoFile.MIMEType = “image/png”
App.LogoFile.Filename = “Grid.png”

If App.LogoFile <> Nil Then
MsgBox(“The Grid file is not available.”)
End If