Saving project as text...again

I don’t have the “save as text” option.
I’ve read the other threads about this.
I changed the preferences option to save as text.
I restarted Xojo.
I have two licenses, desktop Windows and desktop OS X. I can see the license keys.
Yet the Save As dialog has no option for changing the file type to text.
Ideas? I’m running 2014 Release 3.1

There is no “save as text”

There is “Xojo XML Project”
and "Xojo Project " (version control format)
and “Xojo Binary Project”

and for those with the FREE IDE, only the last one is available.

I’ll be the “text” option in Preferences refers to the VC format… and the preferences box probably should be reworded

Do you have two single platform desktop licenses, or a desktop license which you installed on both Windows and OSX? If its the former then I think that is the problem since you can’t save as text (Xojo project) if you have a single platform license.

In Preferences/General there are radio buttons for Default Project Format

I have two single desktop licenses, Windows and OS X, which are both installed on my OS X version of Xojo.
OK another thread on this subject seemed to be indicating that even the single platform licenses would allow for text saving.

No, the single-platform licenses are not “version control ready” so they cannot use the Xojo Project text format or the XML format.

Once again… THERE IS NO “TEXT FORMAT”… it is Version Control format, regardless of what the Preferences say

Ok I see, I’m just looking at the feature matrix. I am about 89 days into my license so I imagine I can “get a refund” then buy the $299 desktop license.

Just contact Alyssa at and she’ll get you set up.

OK, a couple of questions here (Xojo 2018R4):

a) what is “version Control Format” exactly (I mean technically, not marketing speak)? I can’t find any documentation on what it is. Is this putting stuff out in a text format (UTF-8? Unicode?) that VC systems can understand (unlike binary) or is this putting stuff out to a specific VC system?

b) if the ala cart ones can’t save in any format other than binary, why are there radio buttons for it on the options pane? Hmmm?

c) I’ve got old projects (RB2010) in some sort of XML format that this thing has been working with as far as I can figure. You’d think it’d be a bit upset about that if it can’t save [apparently only] new things in that format?

d) I still can’t find a matrix that says the ala cart ones can’t do this. Maybe that should be a little more prominent on the website? The only one I can find is the first FAQ in which notes that the DeskTop/iOS/Web versions have this feature. Nothing talks about the Lite versions (ala cart) outside of the note on that Lite icon that says it only does SQLite (which is fine with me). NOTHING on that page says anything about not saving new projects in binary only (a useless format anyway - ask Microsoft abut that; they abandoned tack that over 20 years ago)

That chaps my hide…

a) Version control format is for use with Version Control System (Github for example) it splits the project into parts that can be properly versioned, diffed and recalled

b) because Xojo maintains one code base, just disabling those features that don’t apply to the “Free IDE” version, but still reminds those uses of what else a license gets them

c) All versions (free and paid) can READ both XML and VCS formats, but can only WRITE Binary … again those are Paid features

d) why would something that is “FREE” “chap your hide”?

I use the “version control format” on macOS with Cornerstone. This uses Subversion, internally, for the actual versioning control. A project will, in the VC format, be saved as a set of text files, and its very nice to be able to add comments for a set of changes, and very useful to be able to compare a given text file with any previous version and have the changes highlighted.

Too bad that Cornerstone has been bought up by an outfit that has pushed it towards a subscription model, but my older copy continues to work and I don’t use or need to understand half the features anyway.