Saving an in-memory database

Sometimes it seems like my brain takes an early lunch.

I have an app that creates an in-memory (SQLite) database. Generally there is no reason to save it but under one certain condition it is desirable to do so. In that instance, I present the user with a GetSaveFolderItem dialog and, unless the user hits Cancel, I take the resulting folderitem and assign it to the database’s DatabaseFile parameter before issuing a Commit and closing the database. My thinking is that that would cause the database to be written out to the location specified.

But, I am apparently missing something because it doesn’t seem to work. Since most of the time the database does not need saving, I would rather not use CreateDatabaseFile each time.

What besides assigning the DatabaseFile parameter do I need to do? Or MUST it be done when the database is created?

BTW, I’m running 2019r1 on Windows 10, if that makes a difference.

look into the SQLite BACKUP command… this is what I use to transfer onDisk to inMemory data…

Thanks, Dave. I knew it was a simple thing I was missing.