Saving a file to a folder in Application Data?

I am trying to create a folder in Application Data and place a file called TextFile in there. I keep getting I/O exception errors with this. Can anyone lend a hand?

dim appFolder as folderitem

appFolder = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child("AppFolder").Child("TextFile")

dim numStream as TextOutputStream

if appFolder <> nil then
  numStream = TextOutputStream.Create(appFolder)
  if numStream <> nil then
    numStream numbert.text
  end if
end if

Your specifying the AppFolder and the TextFile on the same line, then trying to create a text file where you’ve just created a folder.

I just fall into an error in a project where the construction was the same:
one (all) Childs does not exists…
(none of the passed Child folders exists in my Boot SSD.)

appFolder = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData.Child("AppFolder") appFolder.CreateAsFolder Dim AppFile as Folderitem = AppFolder.Child("TextFile")

You should also check LastErrorCode from CreateAsFolder or at least check if it exists afterwards. Just in case that fails.