SaveAsDialog.ShowModal not modal

I’ve only checked this in Windows: 2015r3-32bits

SaveAsDialog ShowModal is not modal. Window disappears when I resize a background window.
Has any one experimented this behaviour?
It doesn’t happen in 2015r2.4

Feedback ?

Yes. I’ll do it.
But I wanted to know if this is only my problem or if someone else has seen it.
It happens the same with OpenDialog.

I don’t have my Mac here. Could someone check it on OSX?


Probably this bug is related to bug #28438 from 2013

ShowModal just means that the code in the event/method that you called it from will not progress until the window closes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the window will stay in the foreground.

May be you’re right.
But I always thought the opposite and it worked like this until 2015r2.4

Now this has changed in 2015r3. Is it normal?

Definitely a change from 2.4 on my Windows 7 VM
There the modal blocked your access to the back window as I would expect it should

This bug has been already solved.
Thanks a lot!