SaveAs Puzzler

I have an app I’m trying to submit to the Mac App Store. It works fine when I initially build and then run it. However when I wrap it with App Wrapper a strange thing happens. SaveAs dialogs don’t come up when they should and the app has to be force quit after it attempts to bring a dialog up.

In attempting to figure this out I built a little app that uses the SaveAs dialog and wrapped it with App Wrapper. It worked fine. Now I think there must be something in my original app other than the SaveAs dialog code that is messing things up. I thought perhaps it might be because it’s a carbon app but I built my little test program as a carbon app and it still worked.

I have no idea where to go next. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It’s absolutely because its a Carbon app. You have to jump through all sorts of hoops to use dlogs with a sandboxed carbon app. At that, not sure you’d get MAS acceptance. For the MAS, you’re pretty much forced to use Cocoa.

Try Cocoa as well. I saw some differences while converting my projects from Carbon to Cocoa.

Okay, thanks for this information.

I have built the app I’m trying to submit to the App Store in cocoa. Everything works fine but text entry is slow. If I enter text in a TextField, TextArea, or editable Listbox row there is a significant lag between key presses and the appearance of the text in the control. For example, if I type “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” By the time I have typed “dog” the text appearing in the control is a full word behind.

Has anyone else experiences this? Is there a fix?

No. I doubt the fault is with Cocoa. something else is going on. Can’t begin to guess without further info.