Save the date for another Xojo Conference in Germany

Since Xojo Inc. doesn’t plan one, we step in and invite you to come to our home country. To keep it easy for us, we’ll have the conference nearby here and we would enjoy, if you join us and visit the area here.

The MBS Xojo Conference will take place Thursday, 25th and Friday, 26th April 2024 in Andernach in Germany, a town nearby here at the river Rhine. We look forward to host around 50 Xojo developers here, have various speakers for the sessions as well as several workshops and labs.

You can come by train or by car there and we encourage attendees to stay the weekend and explore the area. If you take a train, you find plenty of direct train connections from Hamburg to Munich, Berlin and Luxembourg. If you fly, look for flights to Frankfurt or Cologne and take trains from there to Andernach station. From the station, you can about walk 1 km to the hotel.

For Wednesday, 24th April 2024 we plan a Xojo training day , where we will develop various projects in Xojo. We include various things attendees like to see. For example we could write a desktop app to manage a database, then a web app to use the same database. For mobile users we could make a little web service providing the data to an iOS and/or Android application.

Attendees coming from abroad can stay a bit longer. We plan to have a sight seeing day for Tuesday to visit some nice places and show you a bit of the landscape, the history and the culture. Enjoy extra days here and plan to visit the world’s highest cold-water geyser, which erupts up to 60 meters high in the nature reserve Namedyer Werth.

The planning of the conference involves all the things we learnt from previous conferences. Skipping expensive hotels in big cities to make the conference more affordable. The key thing is to bring together developers from all over the world to exchange ideas, learn new techniques and have a great time.

More details will be announced once the paper work is finished.


For me, it is around 380 KM north from Strasbourg:

and the Rhine River is less than 3 km from what I am (1 Km from house).

Great, you can then decide, whether you take a boat down the river or the train.
Looks like train is about 3.5 hours from Strasbourg.

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Looking forward to come to the conference. :grinning:


This would indeed be a chance to meet some of you again in a very friendly place, like I said I should revisit Andernach in spring time once when I visited you at your place.

Hint for visitors: Andernach has become famous as Germany’s first “edible city”. Starting in 2010 with tomato plants, lots of fruits and vegetables have been planted throughout the city you are allowed to, well, pick up and eat. Very lovable surroundings, but don’t forget your walking shoes. The small cities and villages to the sides of the river Rhine make you wonder if they are built for people or rather mountain chamois.
Plus Christian has a really good hand in choosing really nice and affordable places.


Thinking about this the past couple of days. I think it’s worth the trip over from Texas, well, because it’s Germany. The London XDC was great and my wife and I met many fantastic folks. Hopefully my son will tag along.


Count me in …


We will be happy to join the conference :+1:


I’ll be there!


Count me in, freue mich !


Looking forward to meeting other Xojo developers in Andernach.
Greetings to Christian Schmitz for organizing a Xojo conference in Germany. :grinning:


Take a boat, since the Rhine is the way to go. The hotel looks over the river Rhine.

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We are about 5 months to the conference.
More registrations are coming in :slight_smile:

Geoff, Javier and Ricardo are now added as speakers.
I’ll add more to the schedule week by week so we have it finished end of January.