Save takes too long time

Hello everyone!

I use Xojo 2021r1 (Desktop app).
Every time that I want to save my project, it takes a long time. Even if my change is big or small.
(approx. 5-6 minutes per save).
Is there any way to improve this? Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance!

Which format do you use? AFAIK text project format takes longer to save.
How many project items do you have? How large is the project file?
Do you save your app and document icons in the project? Making icons external and adding them with a build script saves a lot of time when saving.

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Do you have your documents folder synched with iCloud or OneDrive?

Where your project resides ? In yout boot SSD ?

On a HDD, network (NAS), WAN, elsewhere on the internet ?