Save preferences

Hello guys,
is there a class or a module that manage the preferences? The class will work with 64bit.

Did you search with google ?


Search string used:
preferences window module for Xojo

some people will say this is “old school” and not a good way to do it, and they are entitled to their opinions…
but here is what I wrote, and I use it in all my Xojo projects… it is easy to use, and produces a “human readable” pref file

+1 for this. I use it frequently. Thank you.

I use XML_Preferences, written by Joseph Sharp, E-mail:
I use it for all my projects over the last 10 years. Very easy to use.

Currently, I am using Christian’s CFPreferencesMBS to save my app preferences. It basically stores the settings in a plist in the Preferences folder. Quite easy to use.

thank you guys!