Save from ListBox to .txt

I followed one tutorial of making todo app. Well I changed to the desktop app and now i can load a text file from my computer to this listbox.
ListBox has this initialvalues: FirstName LastName Username Password Country
Column count = 5
Now i would like to create button “SaveBtn” which will save all data in one text file on my computer.
The save dialog need to do following:

  1. Save as text file with A) Comma separated between all initialvalues OR … B) doublepoint “:” separated between initialvalues
  2. Save this will ask where to save this file on Windows and Mac too.

This thread has an example of how you can do that:

Thanks sir so much, but it doesnt explain on how to let choice when try to save to computer IF comma or doublepoint between vlues :frowning:
So sometimes you liek to save all date with : , sometimes with , (comma)

Writing to a text file can be done as shown below. Similar code can also be found in the Xojo “Language Reference”.

Dim f as FolderItem
Dim tos as TextOutputStream
Dim strOutFileName As String
Dim strOutString As String
' Assign the required file name to the output file
strOutFileName  = "xyz.txt"
' Open output file
If f <> Nil Then
    tos = TextOutputStream.Create(f)
    ' Assign the required value to output string
    strOutString = "abc"
    tos.WriteLine strOutString 
End If

File SaveAs dialogue box can be used as described below.

  Dim dlg as New SaveAsDialog
  Dim f as FolderItem
  Dim strFileSavAsName As String
  dlg.SuggestedFileName = "FileName.txt"
  ' Set initial Directory for SaveAs dialogue box
  strFileSavAsName = <FQP of File>
  dlg.Title="Save File As"
  ' Set up filters for the SaveAs dialogue box, see Xojo "Language Reference"
  'dlg.Filter= ???
  If f <> Nil then
    ' Open the file here and write the data as required.
  End if

If there is a need to allow the user to choose the separator character of the output then add “Radio Button” or “Check Box” to let the user choose “,” or “;” as the separator.

To the first exmplae of mr.Lefebvre:
I tried and copy and paste to my “save btn” but it asked me to do some method :frowning: i’m so newbie so i don’t know.

[code] textOut(extends lb As Listbox)

Dim excelOut As TextOutputStream

Dim dlg as New SaveAsDialog
Dim f as FolderItem

dlg.promptText=“Save Text As”
dlg.SuggestedFileName=“My Text Out.txt”
dlg.Title=“Text Output”


If f <> Nil then
excelOut = TextOutputStream.Create(f)
if excelOut <> nil then
excelOut.Write lb.cell(-1,-1)
end if
//user canceled
End if

Also next code i try to copy and paste and same, so i dont know what to type in settings on method :frowning:

I’d suggest you go through the introduction to programming, quick starts & user guides available right on the first page of