Save button code

What can be the code for save?

What can be the code for cancel?

what do you think should this “cancel” do?

Cancel should bring window back.

comes this dialog if you close the app window?

when I using save, data is not saving

i think we have a communication problem.

when I using save, data is not saving

i remember you had discusses at other topic.
be sure you not mixed up this window object.
in xojo you can access a implicit instance by name, and you can also create much window object with = new WindowXY
make a method which return the folderitem, use system.debuglog to follow your app steps.
use the debugger.
if you do not understand something make a test project to play with.


if you download and read:
Introduction to Xojo Programming Book

You will learn a lot more and waste less time (here) with this kind of questions.

The window should never close to begin with.