SAT-Solver-Plugin erstellen

Has any of you already dealt with SAT-solver For example “plingeling” or others. Since this is an extremely fast algorithm for solving complex problems, such a plugin would be very interesting.
C ++ solutions are available. Maybe someone is interested in creating such a plugin.

Well, if you have a piece of C code to do it, we can take a look.

As Jürgen was so keen to get this plugin, we finally did one for him: SATSolver

We found a C library solver for one of our consulting projects. Christian made a plugin for us within a day and we had it up and working in no time at all.

If you need a Xojo plugin I highly recommend using Christian from MBS to get it done quickly and at a reasonable price.

@Bob Keeney I could update that plugin and include it with the Complete Set if you agree. Maybe rebuild with newer plugin SDK, write documentation and keep maintained.

Sure. I have no problem with that.

Okay, we’ll add it to the Tools plugin.