Sandboxing: Document-scope bookmarks

Has anyone sandbox an app using document-scope bookmarks in their Xojo or RB built apps? The entitlement for a document-scope bookmark would be “” or “” .

If you’re looking to store bookmarks for your app to reuse you’ll want
.document-scope (formerly .collection-scope) is for embedding into a document to reference resources external to that document.
I’ve been using the MBS plugins for this. It’s a little tricky to get it working right, but it can be done. will become your best friend.

Jim thanks for responding. I been hearing that most Xojo developers were using app-scope bookmarks. I was trying to see if any one was using the document-scope bookmarks. Since you are using app-scope bookmarks what issues are you having? Are you using the bookmarks with Carbon or Cocoa builds? What process are you using the for? will display the system messages, such as when the sandbox denys access to a file. The biggest problem I’ve run into is creating non-scoped bookmarks before the app is sandboxed and then unwittingly trying to read them after the OS migrates the non-sandboxed plist to the new sandbox location. I’ve been doing cocoa almost exclusively for a couple of years…? Haven’t tried it in a carbon build.

Well for us, most of our big code apps that involve graphics are still Carbon because of performance issues with Xojo’s Cocoa. We do have cocoa development forks of our big code apps that are cocoa base but trying to stabilize them over the last two years have been painfull because of how xojo kept changing their cocoa code. Our small apps are mostly Cocoa but we are coding in RS and building in Xojo, its crazy.

SSBs do work in Carbon apps. The biggest issues I’ve had with SSBs is related to core image, whereby it’s possible for the rendering of an image to take too long and the OS releases access on the file half way through… Multiple access loss, can lead to container corruption, which then prevents any file system access!

Thanks Sam, Good information about security scoped bookmarks and core image. I can also confirm that sandboxing does work with Carbon. Although, if you use a sandbox Carbon app on (10.8 + .1) you will run into issues.

Somewhere there’s the workaround for the Open & Save dialogs for a Carbon app that is Sandboxed…