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Fellow coders…

I’d like to see what apps some of you have developed. Want to see the potential. I’m an Android user but would write for both platforms. What are your thoughts of the dev env for iOS? Stable? Lots of features? or?

Check this post:

I have released a dozen iOS apps made with Xojo.
Xojo is stable, has many features and code can be shared between desktop, web and iOS.

As soon as Xojo for Android will ship, you will be able to make one app for both platforms with the same code base.


For me personally, Xojo provides a good start, but only @Jeremie_L 's iOSDesignExtensions (GitHub - jkleroy/iOSDesignExtensions: 100+ functions to extend iOSControls design) and @Jason_King 's iOSKit (GitHub - kingj5/iOSKit) make it more or less complete.

I’m doing this as a hobby, so I can’t do this full time but even with limited time to spend on it, Xojo plus these two sets of declares allowed me to develop this game


@Jeremie_L links? I’d be interested in looking at it. I dont have iOS but looking at the screenshots/reading the description would work.

@Christoph_Emrich NICE!

In the earlier days, I had apps in the store crash. But after updating them everything was fine. Haven’t seen stability or performance problems in a long time.

I’ve got a whole slew of simpler apps in the store. I’m a hobbyist as you will see. Search for “Art Gorski” in the store.

“simpler” perfectly fine for me. Just perusing to see what has been and can be done. I’m looking to make something that integrates with my PiDash or my upcoming Arduino based dash.

I’m waiting for Xojo for Android for years now. Today I’m making my iOS/Android development with Flutter. Flutter is stil in beta for desktop application. Today I’m not sure to continue with Xojo even if the community, the documentation and many feature are cool and easy.

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Geoff announced at the Hangout on Tuesday that our support for Android is feature complete. We are currently doing testing and fixing bugs and are looking forward to getting a pre-release out for testing.


That’s a great news :heart_eyes:

I might consider using Xojo for my next mobile app! :innocent:

Because there is one thing that I love most about Xojo: There are no dependencies that depend on other dependencies. And when I look at Xojo code that 2, 3, 5, 10 years old it still works. Try with swift, android, java etc. code. The code is obsolete because the libraries are obsolete or abandoned. I’ve never seen this on Xojo. The plugins are maintained and working.

I would be proud to be one of the testers :pray:

So if Xojo really becomes a cross platform mobile for iOS and Android I believe I will not only renew my pro subscription but also consider going to the London conference. :uk:

Thanks Dana for the great news.


Hi Sebastien.

What is your opinion on Flutter?

Version 2 has just been released. It is compatible with Android Studio and Visual Studio Code.

It is multiplatform. It can make desktop and web applications.

I would like to know your opinion.

Hi Jose

Yes flutter is compatible with Android Studio and Visual Studio Code. It’s real multi platform : The same code compile Android, iOS and Web app. Desktop platform use also the same code but it still in (advanced) beta.

The problem with Flutter is the same problem encountered with a lot of its concurrent (excepted Xojo) : dependencies and fast evolution : some (free) dependencies are note maintain and not compatible with Flutter 2. Flutter is also difficult to lean because of its fast evolution a lot of tutorials are obsolete. When you search something about Flutter on google use date less than 6 month.

If you were interesting I wrote a tutorial on medium about SQLite with Flutter : Flutter SQLite CRUD. In this flutter tutorial I will explain… | by Sébastien REMY | Flutter Academy | Medium


Thanks, Sebastien. I appreciate your answer.

In my case, a platform is developing using only XOJO. We insert JavaScript in Web2 to complete the user experience.

Your answer is important to me. It allows me to see the scope of the other tools that are XOJO’s competence.

Being complicated and relying on outdated libraries is a system maintenance headache.


:star_struck: You just made my heart Flutter, pun intended.

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I researched installing Flutter on my Mac out of curiosity and nooope, I think I will be sticking with Xojo thankyewverymuch.


FWIW, the XDC app that we created for use at our Xojo Developer Conferences is also created with Xojo.


This is created with Xojo?


Just to clarify it’s not xojo that makes it secure it’s access defender technology inside it.

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