Sales Mapping

I am looking to create a geographic map with sales applied to regions of the map. This is sort of a heat map of sales. Data would be in an easily accessible database to my Xojo app, which is no problem to analyze. I guess the question is what options are there out there for geo-map (USA only) and classes or libraries out there to accomplish this.

I am willing to look at 3rd party plugins and even existing applications so I don’t have to roll my own if someone has experience using this type of product. I see some online but they seem more complex than I need. Hoping to link spreadsheet data to a map and create a graphic representation by region.

Thanks for the input!

You can use scatter map in our ChartDirector plugin to do that with a earth map as background.
But be aware that you need to map longitude and latitude to the right x/y.

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I’ve used the Datamaps library several times in the past ( ) along with a HTML viewer. It was relatively simple and is MIT licensed.

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For desktop apps, take a look into SVGDocument, especially worldMap on SVGDocumentTest project.