Safe way to remove a WAL SHM from sqlite database

Could you please help me how can remove safely remaining -wal file and update thd database. When users close the browser instrad of normally close the app, i got -wal -shm files. Even then if i reopen the database using a sqlite manager or throug my webapp and close it, it still these 2 files are shown…

When closing database, the files should be removed automatically.
Otherwise you can remove them, if they are old.

But if the -wal file exist and I want to make changes to database structure (eg add a table, delete a record etc) when then try to open the db through the app i got error (eg can’t find the new table etc).

Also my question is that by re-opening the database through sqlite manager and immediately close it, the -wal and -shm files are still there… This is the reason for opening this conversation…

db.MultiUser= False incorporates the WAL file into the database and deletes it.

i have done it but did not see any difference but i will give another try to verify it

Verified that this is the proper solution!
Thanks a lot Christian & Ulrich