Safari not disconnecting

Hi team,
I’m running a stand alone web app on Windows and connecting to it with an iPad/Safari.

If I close the server (restart the PC or quit the app, Safari becomes unresponsive but does not show the standard “You have been disconnected…” message even after many minutes.

I’d really love this to happen. Is there anyway to enforce? Is there anything I could be doing that would stop this default behaviour? From a users point of view, they really should be notified that the app isn’t running…

Just to follow up on this one, still seeing issues where the web app is killed at the server, but the client still looks fine, but is unresponsive. Is there a way at client side to force the update of the status reporting?

Standard answer would be “file a Feedback case”. I think only Xojo Staff could help here. Forum members doesn’t have access to framework.

Thanks Lars.

Just trying to find out if it’s just me. Will do….


withdrawn, I posted an answer wich were related to another thread.

this answer: wish you luck, but as you see, none of the Xojo staff have answered here. So a feedback case could be a better way to get at least a bit attention.