Safari Download Button Icon

Hi, sorry for silly question, but does anyone know where I can find the Apple Download icon that’s used on the Safari toolbar?

Many thanks, Dave.

SF Symbols is where you’re most likely to find it.

These will “work” in macOS 10.16/11.0. To use 'em in older versions of the macOS, you’ll need to render them out to a bitmap image and include that in your application.

There is also a downloads icon in the file. ToolbarDownloadsArrowTemplate_Normal@2x

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Cheers for that Sam.

If you’re using regular text, you can also use this unicode character: :arrow_down:︎ (well, it doesn’t render well in this website…)
The benefit of this is you don’t have to draw any picture. There are drawbacks too, of course.

Did not know this! Thanks Arnaud.

You’re welcome.
There are a lot of “characters that look like pictures” which you can use in your applications (and normal documents, too), as long as the encoding (e.g. UTF-8) is preserved.
In many applications (and most Apple apps), look at the end of the “Edit” menu for an item about symbols (my OS being not in english right now, I can’t give you the exact words) or other ways to open the characters palette.
You’ll see plenty of symbols (arrows, math signs, objects, flags, computing symbols, etc.) to use in the middle of other texts.

And, if you’re interested, you can later build your own keyboard layout to include the symbols you use often.
To give you an idea, my custom keyboard layout has these symbols, thanks to the fact that many option, control and shift modifiers originally produce the same characters (so there is room to make your own):

Guess how it simplifies writing things!

Edit: some aren’t rendered very well in this forum… :thinking:

Use your minimum supported OS to pick the emoji. If you target macOS 10.11 and above, use 10.11 to pick the emoji, in the Apple world emoji is specific to OS version, which means choosing emoji on 10.14, may not show up on 10.11 or it may have a different look on 10.11.

Don’t get me wrong, I use emoji in my apps (It drives @Tim_Parnell wild), but I like it because I can easily add identifiable images to labels, buttons and other places where using an icon is a lot of work (It’s possible to add pictures to labels, but it’s an exercise in frustration, especially across different OS versions). Also some of the emoji (that ships with the OS) is also color independent, which means it displays correctly on both dark and light themes.

You can see why Apple have now adopted emoji for icons in recent OS versions.

SF Symbols are a font and you can use them as text but I’m not clear how to do this. I asked about it in the iOS forum and got no replies.

I don’t really know about SF Symbols; looks like it’s something new from 10.15 or 10.16.
The unicode characters I’m talking about were already available in 10.11, perhaps earlier, without being named “SF Symbols”.