RuntimeException: IOException

Hello guys,

Lately I start to get this more often , more and more customers start to complain since I moved to API 2.0 that they get this exception and then the app breaks , seeing the os versions , in the last case 10.15.4 I assume that It could be a Permission access to the files from the app.

But in the same time they did said that they allowed the app to access Documents folder and to process those files .

Is there any entitlement for Crapolina to be able to ask or do this permission once and for all ? as apparently they do them and then on each update they have to redo it again.


Not as far a I know, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist.

Before you attempt to read/write data, check the permissions on the file. If isReadable or writable = false, you don’t have access.

If you don’t have access to that file, you can produce a Save dialog and pass in the path to that file, providing the user then clicks on “Save”, you should then have access to that file.

Is your application Sandboxed?

You need to handle the exceptions in your code. And no, you don’t have to redo the permissions.