Runtime webcheck box behaviour

Hi all

I confused on the behaviour of the webcheckbox I’m creating at runtime

  1. My page is set to 1360px wide, but I have to use increments of 5000 to position the created checkbox across the page so the last control has a left value of about 32000… why? should I not be able to use increments of 200 ish

  2. Once created how do I refer to then ie if bccCheckbox1= true then … if bccheckbox2 =true then …

an extract of the code I’m using is …

For x As Integer=0 To 8

Var bccCheckBox1 As New bccCheckBox
bccCheckBox1.Left =5000*x //why 5000 when page is 1360
bccCheckBox1.Top =120
bccCheckBox1.Caption= “Test” + Str(x)
Next x

What I’m trying to achieve is a list of vertical names of unknow number (but 8 max) with check box where I can test for which names have been selected and take required action, aligning with a button above (which has a property left = 1135) the check box has an additional property added (UID as string) and a method called constructer and content of Super.Constructor()

Im using 22r2 and windows 11

thanks in advance