Runtime Error libgtk?

Hello all,

On a new install of Mint, I get a runtime error for Xojo 2017R3, and 2018R2:

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Common/Loaders/Loader.cpp: 173
Failure Condition: 0
Failed to load library cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

How to fix this?

There is some information on

I see:

Mint includes most of the necessary libraries. You'll need to install 32-bit GTK+ 3 and webkit with this command: sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0:i386 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0:i386
and also something about X11 (maybe related with your error?).

I don’t use Linux, so this is the most I can help.

Hi Alberto

I’ve already done that. It is looking for a different version…

Do you have any older plugins installed that might be calling into GTK?

Not sure, but I got them from another linux box I have that used 2017r3 without issue.

Is this launching the IDE itself, remote debugger or a local debug run?
I just ran ldd on the IDE and it’s not showing any gtk 2, nor is the current remote debugger.

If the error is during a compile, it could also be due to declares into gtk 2.

You can check plugins by running

ldd path/to/

in a terminal. You might have to extract the plugin first (double-click and press the Extract button in the browser) to get to the .so

You can always add gtk 2 to your machine… But if a plugin/other code is using gtk 2, whatever calls it makes will likely fail.

sudo apt-get install gtk2.0

Adding GTK2.0 may make things work, but keep in mind that users will have the same issue if they don’t have 2.0 libraries installed later on.

You can’t just copy libs from one Linux box to another in most cases. In many cases, the libraries are dependent on one another or other libraries that are part of the specific distro, so unless you have double checked the higher-level dependencies, you may be running into version collisions.

Additionally, as Jim said, 18r2 has no GTK-2 dependencies and is a 64 bit version, so 32bit compatibility is also not required.

Hi Guys,
I did not copy libs, I copied the plugins.

The error happens when in debug build. Not on runing Xojo, or compiling or running the app at the target - either Linux x86 or Linux ARM.

I’ll try your ideas Jim.

Thanks again guys!