Runtime Error D2DFactory

Has anyone ever gotten this runtime error when your app is launched? I’ve had this reported a few times and could never figure out the solution. Xojo 2017 r2.1.

That error comes from the OS. It is related to D2D.

One might suspect the Xojo framework to be at fault here, but since this is not widespread I would instead suspect that your users may lack some of the necessary resources on their computer.

  • Perhaps the OS version? D2D became standard on Windows 7. if the user’s OS is older, perhaps it is possible to update the system. there was a patch for Vista. I doubt that anything can be done if the OS is any flavor of Windows XP.
  • Perhaps also, their graphics adapter does not support D2D hardware acceleration. That would be quite old hardware.

You will need to dig a bit deeper to figure out what is happening with these users.

Xojo Framework makes a new D2D bitmap and that fails.
Do you have a graphics card with Direct 2D support?


My test app (when built) produces an error almost on the same line as yours so its probably related. It looks to have been fixed in 2018r2.

Thanks guys. I will release a new build with the latest Xojo in the next month and will see if that fixes the error. From what I can tell this happened on a few Windows 8 and Windows 7 systems. Probably something with the graphics driver but hopefully latest Xojo build will fix that. I wasn’t doing anything special with the UI.