Runtime Error 895 under Wine

When my 32 bit Windows app is run under Wine, the customer gets this.

Any clues to the general area that might be causing this? Alas, I can’t test it myself. (You can download the app yourself if you wish from

Does Wine Support Direct2D? Or DirectWrite? I suspect its support for D2D is not complete enough.

Stephen, I see that you offer an older version for Windows XP and Vista. Maybe that version will work under Wine?

@Jason Parsley Apparently Win 3.0 has improved Direct2D/DirectWrite support. Alas, the customer is already running 3.0.

@Alberto De Poo Good suggestion. Apparently the old version doesn’t crash but things in the UI are sometimes not clickable.

Anyone have a Xojo app that runs successfully under Wine?

Try using playonlinux. I’ve had some success with that.

I’ll suggest that. Thanks!

If they run into trouble, I’d be happy to try and get it working and then pass back a ready-to-go vault file. Playonlinux has a nifty feature where you can store the entire bottle in 1 compressed file and then restore it again with a few clicks. The vault files tend to be in the gigabytes, depending on the size of the app installed, but it’s an option.

It would be very helpful if you could provide a list of windows system requirements.

That error is the result of using GDI instead of OpenGL in your wine configuration. Use OpenGL, and you won’t see that message.